ESLC Economic, Social & Labor Council

Major Activities

Committees 목록
No Title File Name Date Read
29 ‘Special Committee on National Pension Reform and Old Age Income Security’ was Launched 기타 첨부파일 있음 Int'l Cooperation 2018-11-21 607
28 'Sectoral Commitee for Finance' was Launched 기타 첨부파일 있음 Int'l Cooperation 2018-11-20 545
27 'Committee for Digital Transition and the Future World of Work' was Launched Int'l Cooperation 2018-07-21 460
26 'Committee for the Improvement of Laws, Measures, and Practices for Labor Relations Development' was Launched Int'l Cooperation 2018-07-18 482
25 'Occupational Safety and Health Committee for Safer Workplaces' was Launched Int'l Cooperation 2018-07-18 397
24 'Committee for a Better Social Safety Net' was Launched Int'l Cooperation 2018-07-13 21
23 Research Committee for Creating Decent Jobs by Resolving Social Polarization was lauched Int'l Cooperation 2018-06-13 20
22 Launch of the Research Committee on Outsourcing 기타 첨부파일 있음 Int.Relations 2017-02-24 429
21 Agreement to promote life-long job skills development 기타 첨부파일 있음 Int.Relations 2015-01-29 1316
20 Launch of the Special Committee on Structural Refroms of Labor Market Int.Relations 2015-01-05 398