ESLC Economic, Social & Labor Council

About the ESLC


  • 2021

    • February 19

      『Agreement on Sustainable Development of Public Organizations』, 『Tripartite Agreement of the Bus Transport Industry Committee for Sustainable Development』,『Tripartite Agreement to Improve Workers’ Representative System』, 『Tripartite Agreement to Realize People-centric Smart Factories』, 『Tripartitie Agreement to Address Blind Spots of Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Delivery Workers』,『Emergency Tripartite Agreement to Maintain Tourism Industry Ecosystem and Stabilize Employment』

  • 2020

    • July 28

      『Tripartite Agreement to Overcome COVID-10 Crisis』,『Agreement on Measures to Promote Platform Economy and Support Platform Workers: Centering on IT and SW Development Sectors』, 『Tripartite Agreement for the Safety and Health of Working People』, 『Agreement to Overcome the Crisis Caused by Coronavirus 19 Spread and Protect Health Care Workers』,『Agreement for Marine Transportation for Sustainable Development of Maritime Industry and Seafarer Job Creation』

  • 2019

    • April 29

      『Agreement on Basic Concept of Labor, Management and the Government and Policy Agenda Regarding Digital Transition』, 『Agreement on Strengthening Social Safety Net』, 『Agreement on Flexible Working Hours』

  • 2018

    • November 22

      Launch of Economic, Social and Labor Council

    • June 12

      ESDC was reformed as 'Economic, Social and Labor Council'.

    • April 23

      ESDC hosted the '3rd Round of Tripartite Talk'.

    • April 3

      ESDC hosted the '2nd Round of Tripartite Talk'.

    • March 12

      ESDC of Korea participated in the AICESIS Board Meeting and Workshop in Cote d'Ivoire.

    • January 31

      ESDC hosted the '1st Round of Tripartite Talk'.

  • 2017

    • November 29

      ESDC and ILO co-hosted 'International Symposium on Social Dialogue'.

    • November 16

      Chairperson MOON Sung-hyun participated in the 8th Asia Future Forum and signed a 'Tripartite
      Joint Declaration on Decent Job Creation, Respond to Low-birth Rate and Aging Issue, and
      Social Dialogue Enhancement'.

    • September 5~11

      ESDC participated in the AICESIS General Assembly held in Dominican Republic.

    • September 5

      Director-General of International Labour Organization (ILO) Guy Ryder visited ESDC.

    • August 25

      MOON Sung-hyun was inaugurated as the 12th Chairperson of ESDC.

    • March 2~3

      ESDC of Korea participated in the AICESIS Board Meeting and Workshop in Luxembourg.