ESLC Economic, Social & Labor Council

About the ESLC

Greetings! I am Chairman Kim Moon-soo of the Economic, Social and Labor Council (ESLC).

Welcome to the website of ESLC which seeks to build an inclusive country of the people.

The ESLC has been committed to addressing challenges of our time through social dialogue over two decades. Under the new administration, it will continue to play a central role in pursuing labor reform and work together with the public as well as tripartite representatives.

Today the Korean society is faced with a variety of challenges ranging from the Industrial Revolution 4.0, low birth rates and aging population to climate crisis.

Social dialogue is more essential than ever to prevent conflicts in industrial fields for sustainable socio-economic development, and to formulate effective policies.

What we need to tackle the challenges and turn the times of “crisis” into those of “opportunities” is social dialogue. Seeking dialogue and cooperation, instead of an individualistic approach, will bring us the hope for the future. The driving engine for the hope is a dialogue between labor, management and government and active engagement of tripartite participants.

The ESLC will communicate with the public in an open online space and seek dialogue together with the public for a better future. The Council will also engage in two-way communication by sharing information widely on our activities and listening to diverse voices of different groups. Your active support and participation will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.
Chairperson Economic, Social, and Labor Council Kim, Mun-su

Kim, Moon-soo Chairperson Economic, Social, and Labor Council