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'Committee for Digital Transition and the Future World of Work' was Launched

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The Committee for Digital Transition and the Future World of Work aims to provide countermeasures with joint efforts of labor, management and the government by forecasting impacts, opportunities, and risk factors of digital transition in our soceity so that it will lead to comprehensive growth that is not hamppering the quality of jobs.

The major topics are to identify trends of critical impacts on labor(risk of autuomation, birth of new jobs, and dissemination of platform jobs), responses of labor and management at work(innovation at workplaces and increase of labor and management participation) and approaches in policies, laws and systems(securing training and education, social safety net, and replacing labor laws) and others.

The discussion period will be from July 20, 2018 to July 19, 2019(If it is necessary, it will be extended within one additional year.)