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The Inaguration of the 14th Vice-Chairperson of ESLC

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KIM Dug Ho was inaugurated as the 14th Vice-Chairperson of the Economic, Social and Labor Council (ESLC) of the Republic of Korea effective from October 7, 2022.

On October 11, 2022 Mr. Vice-Chairperson had an inauguration ceremony at the headquarters of the ESLC.

In his speech, he said "The dual structure and polarization of the labor market are intensifying,

however, legislation and practices do not reflect the reality.

Therefore, in order to overcome the crisis and challenges ahead of us, we will actively support

each economic player to continue the social dialogue."

His major career is as follows;

* Ministry of Employment and Labor, Assistant Minister for Planning and Coordination(2022.8~2022.10)

* Ministry of Employment and Labor, Chairperson of Seoul National Labor Relations Commission(2020.9~2022.8)

* Ministry of Employment and Labor, Head of the Labor Supervision Policy Division (2020.4~2020.9)

* Ministry of Employment and Labor, Spokesperson (2019.2~2020.4)

* Ministry of Employment and Labor, Director for Youth and Women Employment Policy (2017.9~2019.1)